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It seems that かみ(kami) is an inflection of かむ.
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Definition of かみ

かみ(kami) 佳味

佳味 Kanji

  1. (n) delicious taste
かみ(kami) 加味

加味 Kanji

  1. (n, vs) seasoning; flavoring; flavouring
  2. taking (something) into consideration; taking into account

紙 Kanji

  1. (n) paper

    Draw a line on the paper.


上 Kanji

  1. (n) upper reaches (of a river); upper stream
  2. top; upper part; upper half (of the body)
  3. long ago
  4. beginning; first
  5. person of high rank (e.g. the emperor) →Related words: 御上
  6. government; imperial court
  7. imperial capital (i.e. Kyoto); capital region (i.e. Kansai); region (or direction of) the imperial palace →Related words: 上方
  8. head (of a table)
  9. wife; mistress (of a restaurant)

神 Kanji

  1. (n) god; deity; divinity; spirit; kami

    Man is not as almighty as God.


髪 Kanji

  1. (n) hair (on the head)

    That dress matches her red hair.

かみ(kami) ネ申

申 Kanji

  1. (n) god →Related words:
かみ(kami) · かん(kan) · こう(kou) 長官

長官 Kanji

  1. (n, adj-no) director (highest of the four administrative positions of the ritsuryo period); chief →Related words: 四等官

守 Kanji

  1. (n) director (of the provincial governors under the ritsuryo system) →Related words: 国司 , 長官

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