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What is RomajiDesu?

RomajiDesu in Japanese means 'This is Roman Characters (Romaji)'. It's a pun name, because, 'RomajiDesu' is written in Romaji. When you know what RomajiDesu means, you already understand a bit of Japanese. Actually, RomajiDesu includes a English-Japanese dictionary with example sentences, a Kanji dictionary, a Japanese to English/Romaji/Kana translator and a Romaji to Kana converter.

Why RomajiDesu?

There are some opinions against the use of Romaji in practising Japanese. In my opinion, Romaji is still very useful for Japanese beginning learners, especially self-learners because it's less scary. Eventually, you cannot avoid Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji because you need to practise a lot. But then RomajiDesu is still an useful tool for you.

I have some suggestions/I want to add some words to the database?

If you have any suggestion or Japanese related information you want to share, please send an email to me at haibuihoang [at] or comment at RomajiDesu official Facebook fanpage.

Data sources and copyright information

A major part of the database (Japanese to Romaji) was taken from Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University. The detail data copyright information are list as follows:

  • Professor Jim Breen's JMDic database for English-Japanese dictionary
  • Professor Jim Breen's KANJIDIC database for Kanji dictionary.
  • The example sentences database is taken from the Tanaka Corpus.
  • RomajiDesu Multi-radical Kanki lookup uses the (modified) decomposition of the 6,355 kanji KRADFILE, although the AJAX code are written by myself.
  • Kanji Strokes orders diragrams are geneneted using the data from Ulrich Apel's KanjiVG project.