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てん ten さい sai

  1. Words

Definition of てんさい

てんさい(tensai) 天才

天才 Kanji

  1. (n) genius; prodigy; natural gift

    We thought of him as a genius.

てんさい(tensai) 天災

天災 Kanji

  1. (n) natural calamity; disaster

    Earthquakes and floods are natural disasters.

てんさい(tensai) 天際

天際 Kanji

  1. (n) horizon
てんさい(tensai) 転載

転載 Kanji

  1. (n, vs) reprinting

    Is it possible to reprint this article?

てんさい(tensai) 甜菜

甜菜 Kanji

  1. (n) sugar beet

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