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It seems that うけん(uken) is an inflection of うける.
  1. Words

Definition of うけん

  1. (v1, vt) to receive; to get

    People of 65 and above get a pension from the government.

  2. to catch (e.g. a ball)
  3. to be struck by (wind, waves, sunlight, etc.)

    My joke went over very well.

  4. to sustain (damage); to incur (a loss); to suffer (an injury); to feel (influence)
  5. to undergo (e.g. surgery); to take (a test); to accept (a challenge)
  6. to be given (e.g. life, talent)
  7. to follow; to succeed; to be descended from
  8. to face (south, etc.)
  9. (ling) to be modified by
  10. to obtain (a pawned item, etc.) by paying a fee →Related words: 請け出す
  11. (v1, vi) to be well-received; to become popular; to go down well

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