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sow (seeds)

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Popularity rank: 2368 Pinyin: shì, shí Korean: si Hán-Việt: thì, thi
Stroke counts: 13 Grade level: 9 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 2-3-10


蒔絵[makie] gold or silver lacquer
豆蒔き[mamemaki] sowing beans (or pulses, etc.)
麦蒔[mugimaki] wheat planting
散蒔く[baramaku] to disseminate
種蒔[tanemaki] sowing seeds
晩蒔き[osomaki] sowing late
春蒔き[harumaki] sowing in spring
秋蒔き[akimaki] autumn sowing
蒔き付け[makitsuke] sowing (seeds)
高蒔絵[takamakie] embossed gilt lacquerwork