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above; up

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Popularity rank: 35 Pinyin: shàng, shǎng Korean: sang Hán-Việt: thượng, thướng
Stroke counts: 3 Grade level: 1 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 4-3-2


御手上げ[oteage] all over
お上りさん[onoborisan] countryside people (in town)
上さん[kamisan] (one's) wife
其の上で[sonouede] moreover
其の上[sonoue] in addition
それ以上[soreijou] further
たくし上げる[takushiageru] to roll up or pull up (sleeves, skirt, etc.)
捲り上げる[makuriageru] to tuck (e.g. sleeves)
安上り[yasuagari] cheap
案の上[annojou] just as one thought