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Definition of 御前

おまえ(omae) · おまい(omai) · おめえ(omee) お前 ·御前

前御 Kanji

  1. (pn, adj-no) you (formerly honorific, now sometimes derog. term referring to an equal or inferior)

    You shall be my daughter's husband.

  2. presence (of a god, nobleman, etc.)
ごぜん(gozen) · ごぜ(goze) · みまえ(mimae) 御前

御前 Kanji

  1. (n) presence (of a nobleman, the emperor, etc.) →Related words: おまえ
  2. outrider (person riding horseback in the lead position of a cavalcade) →Related words: 前駆
  3. (n, n-suf) My Lord; My Lady
  1. (n) word used after an addressee's name in a formal letter →Related words: 脇付
みさき(misaki) · おんさき(onsaki) 御先 ·御前

御先前 Kanji

  1. (n) leader of a nobleman's cavalcade
  2. animal messenger of the gods (i.e. a fox)

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