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ji げん gen

  1. Words

Definition of じげん

じげん(jigen) 字源

字源 Kanji

  1. (n) construction of character
じげん(jigen) · じがん(jigan) 慈眼

慈眼 Kanji

  1. (n) (Buddh) merciful eye (of a Buddha or a bodhisattva watching humanity)
じげん(jigen) 時限

時限 Kanji

  1. (n, adj-no) (school) period

    What do you have the first period?

  2. period or division of time; time limit
じげん(jigen) 次元

次元 Kanji

  1. (n) dimension
  2. perspective; point of reference; level (of something)
じげん(jigen) 示現

示現 Kanji

  1. (n, vs) manifestation (of a celestial being)

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