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chase; drive away; follow; pursue; meanwhile

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Popularity rank: 411 Pinyin: zhuī Korean: chu, toe Hán-Việt: truy, đôi
Stroke counts: 8 Grade level: 3 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 3-3-6


阿諛追従[ayutsuishou] excessive flattery
位記追贈[ikitsuisou] conferment of posthumous rank
犬追物[inuoumono] dog-hunting event of Kamakura period
幻を追う[maboroshiwoou] to pursue an illusion
後追い[atooi] following someone
後追い自殺[atooijisatsu] following someone's example, and committing suicide
公職追放[koushokutsuihou] purge of public officials
鹿追[shikaoi] hinged bamboo water cup or trough, which makes a percussive sound periodically as it tips over
戦没者追悼記念日[senbotsushatsuitoukinenbi] Memorial Day (US)
訴追[sotsui] legal action