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eye; class; look; insight; experience; care; favor

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Popularity rank: 76 Pinyin: Korean: mog Hán-Việt: mục
Stroke counts: 5 Grade level: 1 JLPT level: 4 Skip code: 4-5-1


御目出度う御座います[omedetougozaimasu] congratulations
駄目になる[dameninaru] to spoil
繋ぎ目[tsunagime] joint
軽目焼[karumeyaki] hard caramelized sugar candy
駄目押し[dameoshi] making doubly sure
一つ目[hitotsume] one-eyed
一合目[ichigoume] the start of a climb up a hill
一丁目[icchoume] Block 1
ひと目[ichimoku] (a) glance
一目惚れ[hitomebore] to be taken with someone at first sight (similar to "love at first sight", but not as strong)