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jar; pot; hinge knuckle; one's aim

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Popularity rank: 2197 Pinyin: Korean: ho Hán-Việt:
Stroke counts: 11 Skip code: 2-3-8


滝壷[takitsubo] basin under a waterfall
墨壷[sumitsubo] ink bottle
火消壷[hikeshitsubo] charcoal extinguisher
骨壷[kotsutsubo] funerary urn
油壷[aburatsubo] oilcan
蛸壷[takotsubo] octopus pot
痰壷[tantsubo] spittoon
思う壷[omoutsubo] one's wishes
思う壷にはまる[omoutsubonihamaru] to turn out just as one wished