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beg; invite; ask

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Popularity rank: 2478 Pinyin: Korean: geol, gi Hán-Việt: khất, khí
Stroke counts: 3 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 2-2-2


一夜乞食[ichiyakojiki] (a) person made homeless by fire
雨乞い[amagoi] praying for rain
乞い取る[koitoru] to ask for and receive
乞高評[koukouhyou] with the author's compliments
乞食[kojiki] beggar
乞婿[koimuko] bridegroom who is loved by his bride
乞丐[kotsugai] beggar
乞い[koi] request
乞う[kou] to beg
命乞[inochigoi] begging for one's life