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こう ゆう

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Definition of こうゆう

  1. (adj-pn) such; like this

    You'd better check these points.

こうゆう(kouyuu) 交友

交友 Kanji

  1. (n) friend; companion

    Short accounts make long friends.

こうゆう(kouyuu) 交遊

交遊 Kanji

  1. (n, vs) friend; friendship; companionship; fraternization; fraternity; comradeship; acquaintance
こうゆう(kouyuu) 公有

公有 Kanji

  1. (n, adj-no) public ownership
こうゆう(kouyuu) 校友

校友 Kanji

  1. (n) schoolmate; alumnus

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