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Definition of いっこう

  1. (adv) completely; absolutely; totally →Related words: 一向に
  2. (not) at all; (not) a bit; (not) in the least
  3. earnestly; intently; determinedly
  4. (n) Jodo Shinshu →Related words: 一向宗
  1. (n) first watch; 8-10 pm
  1. (n, vs) consideration; thought

    His theory deserves consideration.

  1. (n) an item
いちぎょう(ichigyou) · いっこう(ikkou) 一行

一行 Kanji

  1. (n) line; row; troupe; party

    The party fought their way up.

  1. (n) whole school; the first proof; one proofreading

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